Laura Dewberry Surace and Jeff Surace

Thanks I     Jeff Surace

I like to shape imagery and color to show the human and natural conditions of my life. It's through emotion that allows me to create an expressive  language through painting and drawing. 

One way I do this is by pushing two opposing parts of a painting at the same time. For instance, painting in broad strokes, abstract colors, and irregular shapes to show implied detail and form in subject matter I choose to capture revealing an impressionistic aesthetic. 

Within the last several years of arting I have shifted my work from creating an academic approach of capturing real ness to an intuitive method of expression with intrinsic overlays. I attribute this shift to my wife and I having and raising my daughter. With having a child it became difficult to focus on any subjects I’ve painted in the past, to one subject that was crying, sleeping, and showing me the essence of the unexplainable when it comes to the human experience. I feel I have developed a natural, progressive way to capture these moments in my life without having to be representational to color or structure. To be expressive in experiences and aware of time passing.


Education: 1993 B.F.A. (illustration) Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah Ga.


1994: Rose Café, Mure Japan

1998: Fine Line Gallery, Atlanta Ga.

2000: Open Studios Exhibition (May) @ Matress Factory, Atlanta Ga.

2001: Unison Group Show (August), Atlanta Ga.

2002: 55 Mercer Gallery Solo Show (August), New York N.Y.

2004 Artshow Gallery/Studio, Atlanta Ga. /Uhaul Lofts Group Art Show (August) Atlanta Ga.

2005: Artshow Gallery/Studio, Atlanta Ga. / Taylor Kinzell, Roswell Ga.

2006: Artshow Gallery/Studio, Atlanta Ga. / Taylor Kinzell, Roswell Ga.

2007: Mason Murer Solo Show (Oct.) Atlanta Ga./ Gallery 1400, Chattanooga Tn.

2008: Mason Murer ,Atlanta Ga./ Gallery 1400, Chattanooga Tn./ Faye Gold Gallery, Atlanta Ga.

2009: Mason Murer,  Atlanta Ga. / Flint Gallery, Newnan Ga.

2010: Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Flint Gallery, Newnan Ga.

2011: Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. 

2012: Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Freight Kitchen Gallery, Acworth Ga.

2013: Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Freight Kitchen Gallery, Acworth Ga.

2014: Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Freight Kitchen Gallery, Acworth Ga. / Twinhouse Art Gallery Group Show (August)

2015:  Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / T.Clifton Art Gallery (Memphis Tn.) / Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg Va.

2016:  Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / T.Clifton Art Gallery (Memphis Tn.) / Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg Va.

2017:  Macon Arts Alliance, Macon Ga. / Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Linda Matney Gallery, Williamsburg Va. / Marietta Sidewalk Art Festival  (March) Marietta Ga.

2018: Muse & Co. Gallery, Roswell Ga. / Bennett Galleries, Nashville Tn./Huff Galleries Los Angeles Ca./ The O Gallery Norcross Ga.

2019: dk Gallery, Marietta,  GA  “Mr. & Mrs.” group show/ “Unseen” group show 



    Laura Dewberry Surace


"Born and raised from a long line of Southerners, I find inspiration in history, folklore, and stories past down from family members.  I create my own interpretations of these stories in my art.  Often, the term “Southern Gothic” is in the back of my head as I create my art. If there is irony in my work, hopefully I portray strength and resolution through bold marks using simple, if not elegant, subject matter."




 1996-  MFA Memphis College of Art Memphis, TN

1993-  BFA Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN, cum laude



 1996-  Presidential Purchase Award, Memphis College of Art

1996-  Loren  Fleckenstein Award, Memphis College Of Art



4/2018-   Clarkdale Elementary Kickstart Art Grant, GA



2020-present- Masters Academy, Marietta GA

First Presbyterian Preschool, Marietta, art instructor,2018- present

1997-2001- Suzuki Learning Center, Atlanta. Preschool instructor, 4 year olds. 

2005-present-  Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.  Art instructor in painting, drawing and mixed media.  For children, teen, and adults 

2019- First Presbyterian Marietta Preschool- Art instructor for 3 year old class 

2017-present- First Presbyterian Marietta Fine Arts Institute- art instructor - adult mixed media and “Funday Friday” art class for preschool 

2012-2018- Private art instructor - for teens

2007-2009-  Miss LaLa’s Treehouse, Marietta.   Art instructor for children’s after school class and coordinating “Sip and Paint” for adults. 




Collaborative Art Movements, Atlanta ,GA

dk Gallery Marietta 

Muse & Co., Roswell, Ga

Surace Art Studios, Marietta, GA

RHS Interiors, Marietta

Macon Arts- Macon Georgia



2020- dk Galley, Marietta GA

2019- dk Gallery, Marietta GA  “ Mr. & Mrs.” / “Unseen”. Group shows 

2019- Markay Gallery, Marietta GA  group show

2016 -Muse & Co. High point, NC

2014- Muse & Co.  "Floral and Figures " Show- group exhibition 

2013- Macon Arts Alliance group Holiday Show

2013- Muse & Co -   Exhibition with Jeff 

2013- Sketches and paintings for  CW Telivision Network's "The Originals"

2012  Design Show House, Group Show, Marietta GA

2012- "Size Matters" Group Show, Macon Arts Alliance, Macon GA

2012- Georgia College Graduate Center. Macon, GA

2011- Muse & Co. Group Show, "Small Works", Roswell,GA

2011- Macon Arts Alliance, "Tangible & Intangible" Macon, GA

2011- Lawrence Show House, Group Show, Marietta ,GA

2011- Muse & Co., Group Show, Roswell, GA

2010- Macon ArtsAlliance, “Land & See” Macon, GA

2009- Macon Arts Alliance, Macon, GA

2008- Bella Serra, Solo Exhibit, Fayetteville, GA

2008- April Art Walk, Group Show, Marietta Square GA

2007- Art for Justice Benefit, Timothy Michael Gallery,  Roswell,  GA

2007- Portrait Society of Atlanta- Juried Show, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, GA

2006- Horizon Home, Marietta GA

2006- Marietta Wine Bar, Marietta GA

2004- Taylor-Kinsel Gallery, Group Show, Roswell, GA

2001- Artshow Gallery, Group Show, Atlanta

2001- Darious Gallery, Group Show, Atlanta

1999- Omega Gallery- Two Person Show, Jefferson City, TN

1996- Galley Eclectic, Group Show, Atlanta

1996- Marshall Arts Gallery, Group Show, Memphis, TN




Limbo Productions 2019

Jackson Healthcare, Alpharetta GA. 2019

Warner Brothers, CW Network, Orange Cone Productions, “Legacies”, 2018- present

20th Century Fox "Hidden Figures" 2016 

CBS Eye - "Valor" 2017

CW  Network's  "The Originals"  2012-2018
Cox Capital Theatre, Macon, GA

Bella Serra, Fayetteville, GA

Houston’s Mineral Water, TN

Memphis College of Art

Flight Works Airport, Manassas, VA

CNN Omni Hotel- Atlanta

Highwood Properties- Atlanta

Mount Vernon Baptist Church (murals)- Atlanta

Peachtree Christian Hospice- Duluth,  GA

Wears Valley Ranch- Sevierville,  TN

Irvine Doubletree Hotel, Irvine, CA




2014- present- Hickory Hills Elementary, Art Auction, Marietta, GA

2012 Hickory Hills Elementary, Art Auction, Marietta, Ga

2012- Earl Smith Strand Theater, Marietta, GA

2011- Hickory Hills Elementary Art Auction, Marietta GA

2010-“Forever Remember” Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, GA

2007- Good Mews, portrait donation Marietta GA

2008- Must Ministries, portrait donation Marietta GA

2008- Good Mews, portrait donation Marietta GA